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Call me jologs or baduy, but I’m dedicating this post to the recently concluded romantic comedy drama, “On The Wings of Love”. Being so moved with the series, I’ve come up with a few of the life and love lessons that I learned from the program.

  1. Sometimes, you just have to pack your bags and live the dream.


Leah went to the US to find her mom’s final resting place, but moreover, also to live the American dream.

We might not all be as gutsy as Leah, but admit it—there are times when you have given in to those impulsive stirrings of the heart and just went for it, whatever this may be. You know what they say, you’ll never know unless you try. Wala namang mawawala, ‘di ba?

  1. Desperate times call for desperate measures.


Sometimes life can take on a bittersweet note, and we get that pinagsakluban ng langit at lupa feeling. When Mang Sol developed a heart problem, Leah had to bend over backwards to send enough money for his medication. Even more when she found out the need for a heart bypass operation. She took on odd jobs, even as one as a pizza mascot, just to make ends meet. All this, as a TNT (tago nang tago, aka illegal alien).

But the most desperate measure she had to take was to marry Clark, whom she didn’t like at the time, in order to get a green card, and eventually become an American citizen. You just have to stomach things and roll with the punches.

  1. You don’t really know someone that well until you live under one roof.


Cohabitation is a serious move for anyone, and it can cause catastrophic consequences. No matter how in love you might be with someone, if your habits don’t really gel together under one roof, then your relationship is in big trouble.

Fortunately, the opposite can be said for Leah and Clark. They set rules and boundaries so they wouldn’t be stepping on each other’s toes all the time. While they were like cats and dogs in the beginning of the series, they ended up falling for each other as they opened up about their personal struggles.

  1. You fall in love, and suddenly you’re Superman (or Prince Charming).


When Cupid pierces your heart with his arrow, you suddenly pour all your heart, energy and soul into doing things that will make that special someone happy. Remember when Clark staged Leah’s dream prom? And what made it even more romantic was that he paid attention to all the details in Leah’s story and brought those to life.

And he was just a hotel bellboy. There was a lot of diskarte in that.

  1. When we don’t listen, we just choose to believe what we want to believe.


When Leah found out her mother Rona hadn’t actually died in a vehicular accident, but had concealed marrying another man and conceiving a child in the States, she was shattered and didn’t know what to believe any more. Suddenly, the American dream was no longer true.

Despite her mother’s several attempts to reconnect with her, Leah only brushed these aside and fled to the Philippines because she couldn’t accept what she thought was the real state of things, leaving behind a heartbroken Clark.

Sometimes, we think we already know the truth when we’re actually just frightened of hearing it for ourselves. It seems easier to just avoid the source of your sadness, when actually delaying the confrontation will take you years to heal.

  1. You become too absorbed in your own feelings that you forget about those who love you (and whom you actually love back).


Denying your heart of what it actually feels can be the greatest disservice in the world. You may think you’re better off sorting your own problems on your own, but you’re actually removing other people of their capacity to help you by shutting them out.

When Tatang Sol discovered Leah and Clark had a fixed marriage, he demanded that Clark move in so they could fix their relationship problem. Leah, too lost in her thoughts over her mom, pushes Clark away, because he reminds her of San Francisco.

  1. Jealousy can be a sign of pride or insecurity.


When Simon enters the scene, Clark starts to be jealous of all the time Leah spends at work. He also starts to feel insecure as he compares himself to the accomplished, suave and polished executive creative director. He sees something in the man that he can’t find in himself.

Instead of being content of having a growing furniture business and having Leah in his life, the jealousy in his heart breeds contempt for Leah’s boss. We’ve all had moments wherein we’ve doubted our own competencies and worn a guise of confidence to protect our ego.

  1. Family comes first.


Tatang Sol has been concealing his worsening heart condition for the longest time and it catches up with him. His greatest chance at survival is to undergo a heart transplant.

As luck would have it, Simon offers Leah an opportunity to go with him to Dubai to be part of his team, and with a significantly increased salary—enough to pay off a loan to securely cover the heart transplant expenses.

The catch, of course, is she will need to postpone her wedding plans with Clark. Until when? Indefinitely. Despite offering Clark to start anew in Dubai, Clark stands his ground that his business belongs in the Philippines and throws the blame on Leah that she’s leaving him all over again, and choosing work over their marriage. They break off their relationship with the uncertainty of the situation.

Leah, being the dutiful daughter that she is, sets off to Dubai with a weary heart. Though she and Clark try to restore their marriage, she gets caught up her fast-paced work environment and can no longer pinpoint a wedding date.

We will at times be forced to make some tough decisions that will compromise other factors in our life. When one does not take enough risk for the other, there can be no compromise.

  1. Love leads you back to a familiar time and place, and for a reason.


Call it a serendipitous chain of events, but sometimes you will be drawn to a certain time at a certain place because there is something still worth mending. And maybe it had to take all those years for you to accept what has happened and how things have become.

Leah and Clark find themselves both in San Francisco again after two years. What could have been a thrilling reunion turns sour as Clark realizes Simon could be romantically linked with Leah. Despite no validation on their relationship status, Clark assumes the worst and signs divorce papers.

Sometimes, a simple question or two could have given us the peace of mind we need, but we’re too frightened of what we may find out that we retreat to our insecurities and doubts.

  1. Humility and asking for forgiveness ultimately sets us free.

10-leah-clark-airport (1)

The burden we carry is a reflection of the things we cannot let go. We think we are already strong enough to move on, but we are still inextricably fixated on our past. We forget that our own pride to admit that we were wrong was the one holding us back for the longest time.

When Leah comes to her senses about her true feelings for Clark, she leaves all pretensions aside and makes a mad dash to win him back, admitting her shortcomings and asking him to take her back as his wife.

Sure, the series’ ending may be too cookie-cutter perfect for my liking, but the whole show’s wealth in terms of life and love lessons is something that anyone can relate to—anyone who has ever loved or made a sacrifice for family.

Note: I do not own any of these photos and I do not mean any copyright infringement. These are screenshots from the ABS-CBN Entertainment YouTube channel and from IWantTV.

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