Fit Kitchen Ph’s Diet Delivery Service: A Review

I’ve known for several months now that I’d be Maid of Honor at a friend’s wedding. A while back, in 2015, I had been consistently running, and shed a few pounds. I was not an exceptionally fast or strong runner, but I could do 5-kilometer runs, easy.

Until after a trip to Japan. I was so sprightly back then with all the walking involved (which basically burned most of the calories from the delicious food), that when I got back to the Philippines, I slacked off a bit.

Thus, my road to fitness ended. I’ve never maintained a strict diet or fitness regimen, and soon enough, I fell back into my old ways of stress eating on pasta and junk food.

The days rolled by and it was exactly a week before the wedding (cue sounds of death, doom and destruction).

The seamstress just had to tell me not to gain any more weight since she wouldn’t be able to do any more adjustments to my gown. And so it began, my desperation to slim down or tone down a bit just so I could slip into the gown with ease. It wasn’t that hard to zip up, actually. But just looking at my round face and puffy cheeks, I was desperate.

An officemate of mine had been on a diet delivery service for the past month or so now. I asked her how it was going and she said it was fine. I had noticed how her jeans were so much looser now. She had definitely lost weight. But she was also maintaining an active lifestyle by going running and boxing.

Upon my request, she sent me the list of diet delivery services she had tried, along with her personal recommendations. It was a Thursday, and by Friday, I would soon lose my chance to book a five-day diet delivery plan for the coming week.

Several minutes of Googling later, I had trimmed down my options to a few who deliver where I live. They were somewhat pricier, but I appreciated when they had not just a Facebook page, but also a website. Also when they speedily replied to my text messages.

I chose Fit Kitchen Ph, satisfied with their responsiveness, professional-looking website, and the fact that they don’t charge a delivery fee. Most diet delivery services charge extra if you’re in the outskirts of Metro Manila. I also liked that they give discounted rates if you’re subscribing for more than a week, also, you can specify any specific dietary requirements or allergies so they can further customize your meals (at an additional price, of course).

I got their lowest and most affordable five-day plan, at P2,100. I know, it’s a bit on the expensive side, and I’ve heard of a competitor selling at just P1,200, but I was just dieting for a week and I wanted to get delicious meals and good customer and delivery service.

Fit Kitchen Ph prides itself for its healthy gourmet meals, supervised by a team of chefs and nutritionist-dietitians. Meals are generally low in carbohydrates, sugar, salt, fat, but packed with protein.

The only problem was, that whole week, I had been experiencing bouts of hyperacidity, making me feel hungry all the time. The day after I made my booking was only when I visited the doctor. I got prescribed medicines for my acidity and was reminded to avoid spicy, oily, fatty food, as well as caffeine (coffee, tea and soft drinks) dairy.

Oh well. I would boost the effects of the meals by doing daily YouTube exercises care of Cassey Ho (

That Sunday, Jerry from their Sales and Marketing department messaged me, asking for directions as their rider was having trouble locating our house. That’s because for some reason, we’ve never had a house number. By the time I responded, Jerry advised the delivery had already been dropped off at my place.

I was excited. Fit Kitchen delivers the day before, and I got to see what the food looked like before I set off on my five-day diet.

The delivery comes in a brown paper bag sealed with a Fit Kitchen sticker. I liked how colorful and appetizing the meals looked. They’re packaged in black microwaveable containers, also labeled with the Fit Kitchen sticker. What I like about these stickers is that if I’m leaving my food in the office fridge, I can just write my name on them for tagging purposes. The package also comes with a piece of paper with instructions and practical reminders to optimize your dieting experience. More on this later.

Day 1

Breakfast:  Tuna in Wasabi Mayo Sandwich

Fit KItchen Tuna Sandwich with Wasabi Mayo
Fit KItchen Ph – Tuna Sandwich with Wasabi Mayo

Since I had a wedding rehearsal early that day, I decided to bring along my breakfast to the venue.  I was able to toast the bread at home, but I was feeling hesitant about trying the wasabi mayo spread because of my acidity. I decided to dab just a minimum. I did as I was told, drinking a glass of water before and a glass of water after.

It was delicious–I liked that tang of wasabi with the greens–but even if I bit small portions at a time and chewed very slowly, I was able to finish the meal in less than fifteen minutes.

Lunch: Roponggi (Japanese Burger w/ Egg & Gravy)

Fit Kitchen Ph Roponggi Burger
Fit Kitchen Ph – Roponggi Burger

Ah, whoah is me. I was supposed to microwave my food at a friend’s house, but the wedding rehearsal didn’t start on time. So when the entourage was asked to join the couple for lunch at a nearby restaurant, I almost died.

There they feasted on various grilled wonders–lechon kawali and inihaw na pusit, along with mounds of garlic rice and sinigang.

The Roponggi was a bit dry, but not lacking in flavor. Maybe I would’ve enjoyed it more if I had been able to heat it. But needless to say, I survived that encounter.

Snack: Coffee Brownie + House tea 

Coffee brownie and house tea
Fit Kitchen Ph – Coffee brownie and house tea

Since I can’t have coffee or tea, I had to leave this at home. I wasn’t supposed to drink any other liquids aside from water and the house tea, but I replaced this snack with an apple, a bite of turon and sago’t gulaman. I cheated. Real classy.

Dinner: Chicken Yakitori and Rice

Chicken yakitori and rice
Fit Kitchen Ph – Chicken yakitori and rice

I loved this meal! I really savored each small bite and spoonful. I wish I could’ve had more.

Day 2

Breakfast: Beef Shawarma Rice

Fit KItchen Ph - Beef Shawarma Rice
Fit KItchen Ph – Beef Shawarma Ricesd

Again, I was wary because for sure this was going to be spicy. So I went easy and just poured half of the sauce. Yum!

Lunch: Sicilian Pasta

Fit KItchen Ph - Sicilian pasta
Fit KItchen Ph – Sicilian pasta

So this had plenty of tomatoes, which might exacerbate my acidity. It was delicious, but true enough, my acidity kicked in a little afterwards. I loved how sweet the little olives were!

Snack: Pineapples and House Tea

Fit Kitchen Ph - Pineapples
Fit Kitchen Ph – Pineapples

Again, not a good combination for my acidity, so I left this at home and had an apple instead.

Dinner: Mediterranean Baked Fish and Rice

Fit Kitchen Ph - Mediterranean Baked fish and rice
Fit Kitchen Ph – Mediterranean Baked fish and rice

This was amazing! Okay, I would have wanted a bigger portion of fish, but it was perfectly seasoned. Man, that pesto sauce! It was to die for.

Day 3

Breakfast: Pork Tapa Cheesesteak Sandwich

Fit Kitchen Ph - Pork Tapa Cheesesteak Sandwich
Fit Kitchen Ph – Pork Tapa Cheesesteak Sandwich

Okay, so the meat can be a bit on the dry side, but I felt the portion was more generous. The cheese sauce was perfect! Again, I was hesitant to pour all of it, but what the hell (My doctor will kill me!).

Lunch: Pininyahang Manok and Rice

Fit Kitchen Ph Pininyahang Manok
Fit Kitchen Ph Pininyahang Manok

To be honest, it didn’t look like pininyahang manok, because the sauce seemed and looked tomato-based. It was an okay meal but it was one of the more forgettable meals. Maybe it didn’t feel gourmet enough.

Snack: Champorado Cup and House Tea

Fit Kitchen Ph Champorado

Again, no tea for me. I tasted a bit of the champorado when my finger grazed the chocolate on the lid, after I took shots of the meals. I was not disappointed, taste-wise. Oh, but the serving size! You really have to crawl in between meals.

Dinner: Sinigang na Isda sa Mangga and Rice

Fit KItchen Ph - sinigang na isda sa mangga and rice
Fit KItchen Ph – sinigang na isda sa mangga and rice

To be honest, I’m not really a big fan of fish in broth-based dishes. Especially sinigang na isda. As soon as I smelled the meal, I groaned because it was so fishy. Same goes with the taste. But the broth really helped me keep full, mind you. Again, I was wary since it’s a sour dish and it had mango, too, but what the hell.

Day 4

Breakfast: Soy Chicken with Sweet Sour Slaw in Sesame Bun

Fit KItchen Ph - soy chicken with sweet sour slaw in sesame bun
Fit KItchen Ph – soy chicken with sweet sour slaw in sesame bun

Things just started to get exciting! This wasn’t bad at all. I really loved how light and crispy the bun was, and I appreciated the slivers of crab stick in the sandwich.

Lunch: Braised Pork in Soy Lemongrass and Rice

Braised pork in soy lemongrass and rice
Fit Kitchen Ph – Braised pork in soy lemongrass and rice

I loved this meal! Packed with flavor, and the pork was just so tender.

Snack: Sesame Seed Cookie and House Tea

I love this cookie! I loved how soft and slightly chewy it was, with just the right sweetness! I’m craving it now. Nope, still no tea for me. Shame.

Dinner: Chinese Style Veggie Stir-Fry and Rice

Chinese style veggie stir-fry and rice
Chinese style veggie stir-fry and rice

It was yummy, but it felt more like a homemade meal than a gourmet meal. But the veggies didn’t lack saltiness, which I liked.

Day 5 (We’ve arrived!)

Breakfast: Mushroom Artichoke Baguette Pizza

Fit Kitchen Ph - Mushroom Artichoke Baguette Pizza
Fit Kitchen Ph – Mushroom Artichoke Baguette Pizza

I don’t think I’ve ever even had artichoke in my life. Actually I couldn’t distinguish it from the other ingredients, but I thoroughly enjoyed this meal. Two thumbs up!

Lunch: Spaghetti Marinara 

It had just one tiny shrimp, so it was really just pasta with red sauce and cheese. So much for protein. But still satisfying.

Snack: Choco Cupcake with Salted Caramel + House Tea

This cupcake was heavenly! I thought it would be mostly icing, but it wasn’t. I almost licked the cupcake paper clean. Again, no tea.

Fit Kitchen Ph - Choco cupcake with salted caramel
Fit Kitchen Ph – Choco cupcake with salted caramel

Dinner: Three-Bean Salad with Grilled Chicken

Fit Kitchen Ph - Three-bean salad with grilled chicken
Fit Kitchen Ph – Three-bean salad with grilled chicken

I cap the diet plan off with a salad, as my teammates enjoy generous portions of charcoal-grilled chicken. I almost shed a tear. But I survived. With some meal modifications. Oops. I bought a guyabano shake and had a chip.

Not my favorite meal. The greens were fresh, but the dressing was just too bitter. There were like three cubes of chicken, which were delicious. But just three teeny cubes, which I painstakingly sliced so I could enjoy a morsel with the bitter greens. The beans were okay. I ended up going to the toilet after an hour. What fiber!


I probably destroyed the whole sense of the diet by cheating daily. I would normally persist until the afternoon, but by dinner time, I would be craving for more food. I would usually have a hopia at home. Then punish myself with several workouts. Not that I’m recommending this. Dieting makes you feel weaker than usual.

I always looked forward to the food (except for the sinigang and pininyahang manok), so I wish Fit Kitchen would stick to more international meals, and less of the familiar ones, since we are paying for it. The food was generally amazing, but even with brown rice, I usually felt hungry after just an hour. Which made it a grueling task to get to the next meal, since we can only eat every three hours.

I appreciate that Fit Kitchen prepares sandwiches for the breakfasts. That’s because people don’t normally have enough time in the morning to have a proper sit-down breakfast. They’re usually on the go, and I would assume this for most diet delivery subscribers.

I’m not sure if the meals are always as protein-packed as they claim they are. Nevertheless, I would still recommend Fit Kitchen for its interesting menu, great customer service, packaging and online marketing. It kind of feels sad to be on the first day off the diet plan, but I’ve resorted to enjoy more regular food and just monitor my calorie intake via MyFitnessPal. Plus with plenty of exercise.

I think it helps to go on these diet delivery services if you’re too busy to cook for yourself or buy food. I like how I don’t have a choice and just have to eat what I have. It lessens the burden of thinking what to eat each and every meal time.

I might have enjoyed the overall experience more if I had had those teas. Man. I love tea. Which is another reason why I just might subscribe again in the future. It’s also a bummer because the expensive digital scale I bought a few months ago is no longer working properly. Which means I wasn’t even able to monitor if I was making progress or not. I just noticed that Tuesday my face seemed smaller.

I’m proud to say that I have survived and feel a pound later. Great job, Fit Kitchen Ph! I hope I fit well in my gown tomorrow.

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