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Monte Cafe in Antipolo | steppanyaki

Following our late afternoon snack at Chi’s Burgers Company┬áin Antipolo, we wanted to hang out somewhere for another hour or two. My friend recommended Monte Cafe, a few blocks away.

Monte Cafe is situated in a condominium complex downtown. That’s the interesting thing about Antipolo–it’s continuously being developed as a residential haven in the East, and all these establishments are sprouting up for both locals and visitors from Manila.

I didn’t expect Monte Cafe to be this inviting, interiors-wise. It’s predominated by wood, creating a homey vibe.

monte cafe 1b
I really liked the treatment with the rectangular wooden frames and how it displays the name of the cafe.

Check out those wooden (or are they made out of cardboard or paper?) moose heads. I thought that was definitely a hipster touch.

monte cafe 2
Wooden beams and geometric prints lengthen and add depth to the environment.
monte cafe 3
I think we also saw that lady in glasses at Pinto Art Museum earlier.

As is the trend in a lot of restaurants, walls usually take on a chalkboard treatment with typography. At Monte Cafe, the menu items are shown on the wall, as well as quotes on coffee and their social media accounts.

monte cafe 4
The lighting can be a difficult thing to deal with when taking food shots and selfies.

I ordered the Monte Cheesecake Mocha signature coffee (P135), a mixture of espresso, milk, dark chocolate and cheesecake, along with a revel bar. My friend ordered a cake (think this was tiramisu). My boyfriend ordered a Charlie Brown Mocha (P150), which is made with espresso, milk, dark chocolate, macadamia and hazelnut.

Overall, you get your money’s worth with their signature concoctions and moist pastries, and coupled with how the cafe is designed, it’s definitely a hangout spot for teens and yuppies. There’s available WiFi connection, so it makes it all the easier to post your selfies and food shots, or to work on your laptop.

There are pasta dishes, sandwiches and rice meals too, so there’s definitely a reason for me to go back. Aside from the fact that it’s just 10 minutes away.

Monte Cafe is located at 2nd floor, Citywalk Building, Lot 2 D-1 M.L. Quezon Extension, 1870 Antipolo City, and is open Mondays to Sundays, 11 am to 11 pm. For more information, visit their Facebook page.

I do not claim to be a food nor coffee expert, and the items mentioned above were personally paid for.