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Call me money-hungry, but when asked to choose between immeasurable knowledge, everlasting love and unlimited wealth, I automatically went for the latter. There was no moment of hesitation or contemplation, just a resounding “Siyempre, pera!” in my head.

Why? The motivation, of course, is largely based on personal circumstance. For starters, I’m not a wealthy person, by any means. I had to switch jobs for crying out loud to support the household expenses.

If I were rich to begin with, I would of course find the prospect of immeasurable knowledge more attractive than unlimited wealth. That doesn’t mean though that more affluent folks wouldn’t mind more money in their pockets. As of this writing, I had earlier shared a Facebook video post on the Marcoses’ ill-gotten wealth. #NeverForget #EDSA30

With unlimited wealth also comes a greater opportunity to afford the best education in the world. I don’t believe that there are unwise people on this planet—only uneducated ones. The unschooled child, begging on the streets and selling sampaguita, holds his own kind of wisdom. The man peddling taho every morning might not have gone to school, but he possesses his own kind of wisdom.

Education or any formal schooling does not, by any chance, equate to immeasurable knowledge, but unlimited wealth sure is one hell of an enabler.

If I had immeasurable knowledge, there’s no guarantee that I would tap into it to gain immeasurable wealth or everlasting love. I might have the most brilliant product idea in my mind, but if I had no financial means of being heard or bringing it to fruition, then the task of bringing it to life would be absolutely futile.

If I had unlimited wealth, I’d use my resources to find this man with immeasurable knowledge and hire him, pronto. I’d make him a very happy and wealthy man.

On the matter of everlasting love, is there even such a thing? If I had everlasting love, I think it would constantly cloud my sense of logic. I would be so wrapped up in my emotions that I would not make the best career choices or aspire for greater things in life. I would be so happily content feeling loved, I would be deceiving myself that I didn’t need anything else to be happier.

Unlimited wealth cannot buy everlasting love, or any other form of love, for that matter. But when you have a bottomless pot of gold at your disposal, you provide employment for thousands, you share your riches to the less fortunate, isn’t that a much more selfless form of love? This is assuming, of course, that you’re the prosperous philanthropist. type.

When you have unlimited wealth, you have a greater appreciation for the things that money can’t buy. You’d aspire for the simpler, less extravagant things in life.

Otherwise, you might just want to enter Philippine politics.

This post is exclusively written for eComparemo.com.


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